Config usage

Usage and examples of c!config command

Settings and their value description/type

  • prefix: String - The prefix of the bot. (prefix)(command) (params)

  • logsChannel: channelMention - If you want the bot to log mod actions by bot's commands like c!kick and of c!log-config

  • staffRole: roleMention - If you want the bot to grant mod-perms

  • autoJoinRole: roleMention - If you want the bot to add a role to a user when he/she joins the server.

  • welcomeChannel: channelMention - The welcome channel where the bot should welcome new people if you want it to.

  • welcomeMessage: String - If you want to make a custom join welcome message. You can use variables like {{user}} and {{}} to get mention or name of user.

If you don't want any of the bot's config setting's task to happen, You can disable it by putting disable as its value, For example: c!config set autoJoinRole disable

View the settings

c!config show

Configure the settings

c!config set <settingName> <settingValue>